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RWBY - July 2013 :iconshenoob087:SheNoob087 3 3
At Night - Part Two
At least, in my head I did. Outwardly I was too terrified to make a noise, and I knew that any sound I did make would mean my end. I just sat silent in the darkness of the wardrobe and waited, listening. Whatever it was did not bash on the doors again, so it must have been checking to see if anyone was hiding here. I heard another of those guttural growls coming from right outside the door. The sound sent chills down my spine and a tear silently rolling down my cheek. I continued to listen as the thing moaned and shuffled about.
It seemed like hours had passed, though it was probably only minutes, before I heard the thing growl one last time and shuffle out of the room and onto the wood floor of the hallway. I waited until I heard it shamble its way back down the corridor where it had come from before I allowed myself to move. I turned my head to the side to try and see out of the crack between the wardrobe doors. It was dark, so the view was poor, so I decided to risk a little noise.
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Princess Ailish Stage One Line Art :iconshenoob087:SheNoob087 1 4
Mature content
The Walking Dead: A New Day - Part 1 :iconshenoob087:SheNoob087 1 2
Wind and Snow :iconshenoob087:SheNoob087 1 3
At Night - Part One
As soon as I arrived, I could sense that something was out of place. The room felt too cold, too quiet almost like it hadn't been lived in for days, weeks even. I looked around myself at the dark room, but I couldn't see much. I fumbled around on the wall behind the front door, looking for the light switch as my friends filed in the room. David grumbled about the cold and told Maddy to shut the door. I was still fumbling where was that switch?
"Brr," Kieran complained, startling me. "It's freezing out there."
"Not much warmer in here, though." Maddy noted.
My fingers finally brushed over the light switch and I flicked it in relief, but nothing happened. I flicked it again, and again and then sighed aggravatedly.
"Power's out." I told them.
"Must have been that storm earlier." David said. "I'm glad we were safe and sound in the pub when that hit."
"I'd better go check the fuses." I said, shuffling through the darkness. "Hey, has anyone got a light?"
Kieran pulled out his cigarette l
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First Run :iconshenoob087:SheNoob087 2 3 Two Sides :iconshenoob087:SheNoob087 0 2
The pain, the screams, the cries for mercy. It hurt so much. She begged for it to stop. Bullets, knives, swords – they had all found her flesh before. She remembered the pain; she knew it well. She recalled it now. And now she knew she had never experienced true pain. None of it compared to this. This was entirely new, entirely different, entirely unwelcome and unwanted. She knew how that felt. Unwanted.
What had she done? Had she committed a horrid act of evil? Was this her punishment? Her penance for her sins? No. This was the act of one and one alone. Only he was responsible for the pain she was feeling. Inside and out. Physically and emotionally. Her body and her soul. How could he do this? The question repeated in her mind as her own screams drowned out every other thought.
He caged her, trapped, with nowhere to run. He bruised her, with cruel, constricting hands. He broke her, bones shattered, searing pain. He struggled closer, those hands stopping her from fighting. He stol
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Breaking Dawn Part 2 fan art 4 :iconshenoob087:SheNoob087 0 0 Breaking Dawn Part 2 fan art 3 :iconshenoob087:SheNoob087 6 5 Breaking Dawn Part 2 fan art 2 :iconshenoob087:SheNoob087 1 0 Breaking Dawn Part 2 fan art :iconshenoob087:SheNoob087 3 0 Daisy :iconshenoob087:SheNoob087 0 0 Edward and Bella BDP2 wallpaper :iconshenoob087:SheNoob087 3 0 Kristen Stewart fan art altered :iconshenoob087:SheNoob087 1 0


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